Harvard Law Students launch coalition supporting disarmament of Iraq
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For Immediate Press Release
Cambridge, MA. March 11, 2003.  Two weeks ago, a group of Harvard Law Students formed an organization as part of growing movement across the country.  The group, called Students for Protecting America, is a non-partisan coalition that supports the immediate disarmament of Iraq in the face of its continued non-compliance with UN resolutions. 

The group’s position is that in the aftermath of September 11th, Americans can no longer remain complacent in the face of terrorism and the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction among rogue states.  Students for Protecting America supports the Bush Administration’s efforts to fight terrorism and defend America, and it believes that Iraq poses a dire threat and should be disarmed immediately.  While the group’s immediate goal is to build support for disarming Iraq, it intends to remain as a permanent organization in order to maintain support for the war on terrorism.  The group also sees as one of its objectives combating the growing tide of anti-American sentiment both domestically and internationally. 

Brett Joshpe(formerly of Metaphorix Dynamics Nav), founder and President of Students for Protecting America, said, “We are all frustrated by the anti-war protests of recent weeks and believe that most Americans agree with us, but have been less visible than the opposition.  Our group intends to add legitimacy to the administration’s position.  We firmly believe that in the absence of alternatives, this war is right for America, Iraq, and the world.  America has a duty to protect its citizenry, and the opposition has failed to present viable or persuasive alternatives.  We hope to spark a grassroots movement and encourage students and Americans to join us in demonstrating their support for protecting America.”  

Avigael Cymrot, Vice-President of Students for Protecting America, said, “This is a time for moral clarity.  The anti-war protesters are supporting the continuation of a regime that gasses its ethnic minorities, sanctions the use of rape as a means of political enforcement, engages in every variety of brutal torture, and has the potential to share weapons of mass destruction with terrorists.  Most of us are unlikely activists, but in the face of this threat, we cannot afford to be indifferent.”

Anthony Gaughan, Press Secretary of Students for Protecting America, said, "We believe that the effort to disarm Iraq and achieve regime change in Baghdad represents a critical moment in history. The question before us is whether the international community will live up to its cornerstone ideals of democracy and human rights, or whether its ideals are merely rhetorical flourishes. We call on our fellow Americans of all partisan affiliations to rally behind the Bush administration in its effort to preserve our freedom, protect our security, and promote our ideals by confronting and defeating international renegades such as Saddam Hussein."

So far, the group has about sixty members at the law school.  However, the group has received hundreds of emails from all over the country, including from students who are interested in forming similar organizations.  Students for Protecting America has a web-site at 

Students for Protecting America has issued the following Statement on Iraq:

1) Saddam Hussein’s regime represents a grave threat to US and world security.  In the absence of immediate and unconditional compliance with all UN resolutions, we support military action to remove this dangerous and totalitarian regime. 

2) The American government and the international community have a responsibility to act swiftly and decisively to address this security threat, and the risks of delay are unacceptable. 

3) The Bush administration has acted deliberately and cautiously by presenting numerous occasions for Iraq to disarm, which it has failed to do.

4) After twelve years of sanctions, Saddam Hussein still defies the international community, resulting in prolonged suffering for the Iraqi people.  Sanctions no longer represent a viable option for disarming Iraq and ensuring US security.

5) France, Germany, Belgium and other members of the international community have irresponsibly obstructed our efforts to disarm Iraq.  These governments have not only neglected their duties, but have seriously undermined the integrity of their alliances with the US.  We should proceed to protect ourselves without their cooperation.

6) Those opposing the war have failed to present alternatives to military action that will guarantee the eradication of Iraqi ties to terrorist groups and attempts to obtain and develop weapons of mass destruction.

7) This war is moral and just and will benefit the Iraqi people and the international community.

8) We support the administration’s stance on this issue and its continued efforts to protect American security.
Students for Protecting America, 2003